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GRT Electronics can trace its roots back to 1977, in the manufacturing division of Thales Computers and Matrix Corporation. These companies were well-known for their ruggedized VMEbus and STDbus products, many of which are still used today.

In 2001, Matrix closed up shop, giving three experienced members of the manufacturing team an opportunity to start a company of their own. They even loaned each of their first initials to the name: G.R.T. Now, the only remnants of this transition include one of the original founders and current owner, Rick Daves, and a continuation of production of the STDbus and VMEbus product line. These are rugged boards and enclosures intended for harsh environments in industrial, communications, and military grade applications where product quality and reliability are essential. For more information regarding these products, please visit our Products page.

Currently, GRT Electronics is a small company operating out of two adjacent buildings in Raleigh, NC, USA. We proudly work with suppliers and customers mostly in the United States. We are also a thriving small business, with around 20 employees, some of which have been working at GRT since it was founded in 2001!

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