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Surface Mount Production

SMT Board

  • 2 SMT Lines
  • Convection Reflow Oven with custom profiles
  • High speed/high precision placement
  • XRAY Inspection
  • Double-sided assembly capabilities
  • BGA assembly capabilities
  • Lead or lead-free assembly

Surface mounted parts are often small and difficult to solder by hand. As such, automated solutions are preferrable to ensure accuracy and timely manufacturing.

Our Surface Mount Assembly line is capable assembling boards between 3.2 x 3 inches and 18 x 24 inches. We can mount package sizes as small as 0402s and as complex as QFP208 and BGAs. We are capable of assisting you with quick turn prototypes or small to medium volume production runs. We provide the option of Turn-key projects and offer customers the ability to consign their own parts for consigned or combined kits. To improve lead times on consigned builds, we ask that small PCBs be panelized and that the customer provide 0402-1206 sized surface mount parts on reels.

Filtered air cabinet

A filtered-air cabinet for storing boards between surface mount and through-hole production.