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Things break; it happens. We can fix it for you.

Removing Small SMT Cap

  • BGA Replacement
  • SMT Component Replacement
  • BGA Reflow Solder Correction
  • X-ray Inspection
  • Through-Hole Component Replacement
  • Selective Soldering (Heat Sensitive Parts)

Diagnosing a problem can be as hard as fixing it. That's why we have experienced troubleshooters on our team. If a problem cannot be readily identified, we can use our Pace X-ray station to look for things otherwise undetectable. With X-ray we can:

If a reparable problem is detected, we move right into fixing it. Utilizing our Pace Rework Station, we are able to completely replace BGAs as well as other complex components. We also have selective soldering and reflow capabilities to re-solder certain parts without applying heat to the whole PCBA. Manual repair / replacement is also acheivable by one of our many steady-handed assemblers.

Maybe nothing is actually wrong, but you want a closer look at your PCB Assembly. Feel free to reach out and rent some time with our X-ray.

Pace Rework

Pace ThermoFlo Workstation.

Pace X-ray

Pace XR2000 X-ray station.