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TH Board

  • Quick Turn Prototype Builds
  • Lead and Lead-Free Wave Solder Capabilities
  • Press-Fit Assembly
  • Component Rework
  • Selective Soldering for Heat Sensitive Parts
  • Lead Forming/Trimming

Although many builds have slowly been transitioning to a higher reliance on surface mount components, through-hole parts still play an important role in many electronic assemblies.

Our experienced team of Through-Hole assemblers are fast and accurate with their part placement.

Our Through-Hole assemblers are capable of complete builds, whether it be fully Through-Hole PCBs or a combination of Surface Mount and Through Hole boards. We are capable of assisting you with quick turn prototypes and small to medium volume production runs. We provide the option of Turn-key projects and offer customers the ability to consign their own parts for consigned or combined kits. All of our assemblers are knowledgable of IPC and ESD practices. Our purchasing department can provide support for your component procurement requirements, and our Quality Management System insures that GRT provides controlled storage of individual customers' parts and test equipment.

We have two Novastar 12S wave solder machines, one for leaded and one for lead-free solder. They allow us to wave solder Through-Hole components on boards up to 12 inches wide and 18 inches long.